Male Lineage DNA Test

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Women who wish to determine their direct paternal DNA ancestry can ask their father, brother, paternal uncle, paternal grandfather, or a cousin who shares the same surname lineage  to take a test for them

Cost of Female Lineage DNA Test: 3000 aed

Male  Lineage DNA Test outcome time: 12 working days


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Y- STRs are Short Tandem Repeats found on the male-specific Y Chromosome. The coding genes, mostly found on the short arm of the Y Chromosome, are vital to male sex determination, spermatogenesis and other male-related functions. The Y-STRs are polymorphic among unrelated males and are inherited through the paternal line with little change through generations.

Uses of Y-STR:

  • Y-STRs have been used by forensic laboratories to examine sexual assault evidence. In a sexual assault case, evidence such as vaginal swabs will contain both female and male DNA.
  • Y-STR is also used for non-sexual assault cases where mixed samples are collected from evidence. Sometimes, regular STR will cause the masking effect if there is a minimal quantity of male DNA in the combined sample.
  • The Y-STR system is especially helpful when there is more than one assailant. The mixed pattern in the evidence can help to identify those males responsible for the assault.

Y-STR Male Paternal Lineage DNA Test:

Y-STR testing determines whether two males share the same paternal lineage. The Y-STR paternal lineage DNA test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations. Only males can undergo Y-STR testing because females do not possess a Y chromosome. Y-STR’s are used to establish a biological relationship. In scenarios where the father is dead or not available for testing, this test can be used to build a biological relationship between the alleged male members.


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Male Lineage DNA Test
Male Lineage DNA Test
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