Female Linage X-SV DNA Test

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All females will pass this sequence on to their children but while males also inherit their mtDNA from their mothers but they never pass this on to their children

Cost of Female Lineage DNA Test: 3000 aed

Female Lineage DNA Test outcome time: 12 working days

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Female Lineage Test X-SV

The  Female Maternal Lineage Test (also known as the mitochondrial DNA test) is used to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage. The test can also indicate whether two individuals share the same mother.

This test focuses on the Mitochondrial DNA and results in a unique X-SV profile for each individual tested. It is important to note that this test will not differentiate women that are in the same maternal lineage or children with the same mother.

Differences between Mitochondrial DNA Test and Autosomal Test(or) a Y DNA Test:

The most common type of ancestry DNA test analyses your autosomal DNA – our autosomes are the chromosomes we inherit from our parents that do not determine our biological gender. These tests are best for reporting on your ethnic breakdown, by revealing the population groups with whom you share a proportion of your autosomal DNA.

Test Result

The results for this test will either confirm or exclude a shared maternal line between the individuals tested. The results will not spell out the exact relationship between the individuals tested or how they are related. If individuals tested want to know if they share the same mother, they will need to carry out a maternity test.

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Female Lineage DNA Test
Female Linage X-SV DNA Test
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