Aunty Uncle DNA Test

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46 Marker Avuncular DNA Test can be useful for establishing a relationship with a parent (such as a father) in situations where that parent is not available to be tested and the results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.9999%. Having the mother’s sample enables scientists to quickly eliminate her share of genetic inheritance in the child’s DNA.

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46 Marker Avuncular DNA Test

The avuncular DNA test is useful for establishing a relationship with a parent (such as a father) in situations where that parent is not available to be tested. It is possible to compare the DNA profile of a child with an alleged aunt or uncle, however, because of the patterns of DNA inheritance, it may not always reveal the true nature of the relationship or provide strong evidence. 46 Marker Avuncular DNA Test is accurate up to 99.9999%.

To increase the possibility of the Avuncular DNA test analysis being able to establish a relationship with a missing parent, it is always advisable to include the mother of the child if this is possible. Avuncular tests are done in the place of the paternity test.

When to take an Avuncular DNA Test:

The alleged father of the children in these cases is unable to carry out a paternity test and thus, seeks to establish paternity indirectly by testing his relatives (brothers or sisters). An avuncular test will not provide the same conclusive results one would expect from a paternity test. Testing the alleged father and child in a paternity test will give extremely accurate results (over 99.9999%) in cases where the tested father is the biological father.

Testing for male relatives(Y chromosome test):

Y chromosome testing is strongly recommended when those individuals involved in the test are males. This is because any males who descend from the same paternal line will have a copy of the same Y chromosome. If a DNA test shows that two or more males share the same Y chromosome, it means that they also share a common paternal relative.

Accuracy of the Test results:

Because the process is complicated, the results of Avuncular Test are much less convincing than Paternity or Maternity Test. This Test will not give an accurate answer if the people tested are remote relatives, but its accuracy can be increased if Paternal Uncle or Aunt is tested.

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Aunty Uncle DNA Test
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