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We are the most trusted genetic DNA test lab by doctors and hospitals. We are open to all collaborations.

Genetic DNA Labs

Most Trusted Genetic DNA Lab

Genetic DNA Lab provides high-quality, physician-ordered, genetic testing at a low cost. We include support for physicians, as well as genetic counselling as part of every purchase. Our goal is to expand physician-supported access to genetic testing to help every person, everywhere understand their risk for hereditary disorders.

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Commitment to Quality Service

With a commitment to the cause and ethics to back Genetic DNA Lab has emerged as a torch-bearer in providing preventive and curative healthcare at an exceptionally affordable price across the globe. The idea is to inculcate ‘Prevention’ as a habit.

Genetic DNA Labs Fz LLC is a Dubai based healthcare genetic lab. We are committed to continuous medical innovation and, in 2018, opened Dubai’s largest professional genetics testing laboratory. Genetic DNA Lab has a national collection network that streamlines specimen procurement and sample submission, simplifying the testing process for both healthcare provider and patient.

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Open for Collabration

Genetic DNA Labs Fz LLC is open for collaboration with clinics doctors hospitals and research organizations.

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An affordable price

We provide a physician-ordered, clinical-grade test at a fraction of the price of other labs.

Physician ordered

Our product integrates seamless physician ordering, as well as complimentary genetic counselling with every test.

Advanced technology

Our custom-built software and state-of-the-art, automated ​CAP-accredited, ​CLIA​-certified​ laboratory ensure high quality at low prices.

Comprehensive analysis

We provide genetic testing results for genes associated with an increased risk for common hereditary cancers and hereditary high cholesterol.


Our billing process is transparent and simple, whether it is Genetic DNA Lab self-pay price or through coverage by your insurance company.

Advance genetic research

We share anonymized genetic information with public variant databases like ClinVar. And with the permission of our clients, we participate in research collaborations to aid discoveries in genetics and disease.

Support people in need

Color For All partners with leading cancer clinics to donate free genetic testing to under-served individuals across the country.

Privacy and control

We believe that individuals should own and control their own genetic information. We give our clients clear control over how their data is used. Our service complies with HIPAA and other security and privacy standards.
  • Genetic Counseling services to patients through a HIPAA-compliant telegenetic platform
  • Network of board-certified genetic counselors
  • Day and evening counseling consultations available six days per week

  • Online access to educational resources and videos for patient’s convenience
  • Support for high-volume genetic tests including:
    • Prenatal carrier screening
    • Non-invasive Prenatal Testing
    • Pediatric Genetics
    • Reproductive Medicine
    • Hereditary Cancer
  • Translation services available for 200+ languages
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