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At the heart of every human being is DNA

DNA holds the answers to the biggest healthcare challenges we face today. Genetic DNA Lab is committed to unlocking those solutions, every day. Not only do we make progress, but we inspire others to take up the challenge, too, helping to bring about a better world sooner. Plus, our work lets us put people at the forefront of all that we do- and we think that’s the most rewarding part of healthcare

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Genetic DNA Lab Clinical Genetic Services  include prenatal counseling, carrier testing, and complete genetic evaluations for children and adults.

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Genetic DNA Lab advanced technology and professionally trained staff provide the highest quality DNA Analysis in the most cost-efficient manner possible with the most accurate analysis. 

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Genetic DNA Lab provide you with genetic information that presents choices and minimizes uncertainty, empowering clinician  to make decisions that are most beneficial for Patient

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Genetic DNA Labs has strong relationships with hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout UAE and in Abu Dhabi Sharjah Al Ain Ajman Ras Al Khaimah Fujairah Umm al-Quwain. The patient can schedule a personal visit with a skilled healthcare provider to have DNA Paternity Test, NIPT Test, Clinical Exome Test, Whole Exome Test and HIV Test. We partner to offer discounted Immigration DNA Test admissible during your immigration process. We offer customized support in areas such as Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing (gender reveal and paternity before the baby is born) Sibling DNA Testing, Grandparent DNA Testing, DNA Passport Testing, Deceased Persons Blood Card Testing, discounted nearby low cost DNA Paternity Testing and more
Leveraging our strengths in whole-genome sequencing, genomic analysis, and development of genomic tools, the DNA labs UAE serves as a nexus for collaboration in genomic research for the UAE community and Arab World. Cancer genomics testing involves carefully checking the patient’s DNA for any mutations known to be linked to a hereditary risk of various types of cancer. Our comprehensive report then indicates just how at risk the patient is of developing these hereditary cancers. That information is vital to physicians, who can use it to create a personalized course of therapy around the individual patient’s needs.

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Laboratory Accredations

To ensure the validity of testing methods, the competency of scientists and technicians, and the accuracy of results, DNA Labs UAE selects labs that participate in several voluntary accreditation programs. These highly-regarded compliance programs verify the reliability of Lab equipment, the qualifications of laboratory staff, and the soundness of testing methods and standard operating procedures.

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